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Why Start a Blog?

I have enjoyed spending a lot of my spare time during recent years writing about school sports, my Army experiences in Rheims, France, and growing up with my friend Buck. I can think of no similar subjects I can write about in such detail that would have as much interest to others as those. However, I thought that from time to time I may pen some shorter writings of interest, and the easiest way to make them available to others is to have a blog. Then the blog visitors can read them, or ignore them. They can comment on the posts by clicking on the “leave a comment” phrase at the bottom of the post, sign in with your chosen ID and password. My ID is will1be and is shown on the blog. Your ID will be shown with any comment you want to attach, but, of course, your password will not.

So check in from time to time for my new posts, and, I hope, some posts submitted by some of my readers. And having a blog gives me a new hobby while I’m still young enough to enjoy it! There are many little details about doing a blog that I am still learning. Hope to hear from you.

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