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Catch-all for Past Writings

I have placed a copy of my past writings in this category. Three are listed below that you can open.I have received some very useful comments from readers suggesting additions and corrections. I plan to update the documents from time to time and post the newest version here. Please continue to send me your suggestions. By the way, the Menifee County Library has a copy of the FHS Athletics history and of the Growing up with Buck document.

Just click on the titles below to have the documents downloaded in .pdf format for reading. The downloads may take a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

FHS Athletics –¬†Describes the history of athletics at Frenchburg School, the Presbyterian Mission-run school in Frenchburg, Ky, from opening (1910) to closing (1957). More and better pictures are needed in addition to expanded descriptions of the results of some seasons. I would be pleased to receive your inputs and will use them to update this document.

Buck (11-07-10) – Story of growing up with my friend Buck Lyons and of his Army service in WWII.

A YEAR IN RHEIMS (03-02-09) – Description of the year of my Army service (1946) spent in Rheims, France.